FIFA World Cup 2026

The main headlines of FIFA World Cup 2026 are As fallows….

FIFA World Cup 2026
FIFA World Cup 2026
  • FIFA World Cup 2026TM will be the 23rd edition of FIFA.
  • This tournament will be jointly hosted by 16 cities in three North American countries.
  • These countries are USA(11 cities) , Canada(2 cities) and Mexico(3 cities).
  • These cities are separated in three divisions.
    • Western divisions
      • Vancouver
      • Seattle
      • San Francisco
      • Los Angeles
      • Guadalajara
    • Central divisions
      • Kansas city
      • Dallas
      • Houston
      • Atlanta
      • Monterrey
      • Mexico
    • Eastern division
      • Toronto
      • Boston
      • New York
      • Philadelphia
      • Miami
  • USA will host 60 matches.
  • Canada and Mexico each will host 10 – 10 matches.
  • This tournament will be hosted by three countries FRIST time in the history of FIFA.
  • In this 2026 edition of FIFA total 48 teams will be participate in spite of 32.
  • This 23rd edition of FIFA will be the first World Cup since 2002 that will be hosted by more Than one Countries and the first time more than two.
  • It will be start from the month of JUNE 2026.
  • The no games played overall will increase from 64 to 80, but games played by finalist remains 7.
  • The tournament will also completed in 32 days as previous editions.

FAQ- about FIFA World Cup 2026

Q. In which year Next FIFA World Cup will played ?

Ans. In 2026

Q. FIFA World Cup 2026 will be which edition of it ?

Ans. 23rd

Q. Which country will host FIFA World Cup 2026 ?

Ans. These are three Countries-

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Mexico

Q. How many teams will participate in FIFA World Cup 2026 ?

Ans. 48 teams.

Q. In how many cities FIFA World Cup 2026 will be played.

Ans. 16 Cities.

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