Netherlands vs USA FIFA World Cup 2022

In this Netherlands vs USA FIFA World Cup 2022 match , Netherlands broke America’s dream, won 3-1 and reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup after 8 years, This is the first match of ROUND 16.

Netherlands vs USA FIFA World Cup 2022

 Netherlands vs USA FIFA World Cup 2022 Score Knockout matches have started in the Football World Cup from 3 December 2022. In the first pre-quarterfinal, the Netherlands defeated the United States 3–1. With this win, and via this victory Netherlands reached the quarterfinals. There he will compete with Argentina or Australia. The Netherlands team has reached the quarter-finals after 2014. He could not qualify in 2018. The Netherlands has reached the last-8 for the seventh time.

Netherlands vs USA FIFA World Cup 2022 – Live Score: A resounding victory for the Netherlands

  The Netherlands defeated the United States 3–1 in the pre-quarterfinals.  With this win, he has reached the quarterfinals.  The American team’s dream of reaching the last-8 after 2002 was shattered.  Memphis Depay scored the first goal in the Netherlands match.  He gave the team the lead in the 10th minute itself.  He was followed by Daley Blind’s goal just before half time to put the team ahead 2–0.  In the 76th minute, Haji Wright scored for the United States, but five minutes later, Denzel Dumfries increased the Netherlands lead to 3–1.

  The American team performed brilliantly in the match, but its players could not score a goal.  The US made 17 attempts on goal.  Of these, eight remained on target.  He was also ahead in passing, passing accuracy and possession, but the result of the match was not in USA favor.  The players of USA made 569 passes.  Whereas, the Netherlands made 415America’s passing accuracy was 82 percent and Netherlands’ 76 percent.  America had 59 and the Netherlands had 41 percent ball possession.

 Gakpo misses out on making a record

  A 23-year-old Cody Gakpo of the Netherlands, who scored in all three matches of the group stage, had a chance to score in four consecutive World Cup matches, but he could not do so.  Had he scored in this match, he would have become the first player for the Netherlands to score in four consecutive World Cup matches.

 World Cup’s first and total fifth victory over America

  The Netherlands and the United States met face-to-face for the first time in Football World Cup history.  The Netherlands have their first and fifth overall win in the World Cup over the United States.  Earlier, there were five international matches between the two countries.  Of these, the Netherlands won four times, and America won once.  The last time the two countries clashed was in 2015, in which the US registered a victory.

FAQ-Netherlands vs USA FIFA World Cup 2022

Ques- Is USA out of World Cup 2022 ?

Ans- Yes, USA is out of FIFA world cup 2022.

Ques- Who Scored for Netherland against USA ?

Ans- Netherlands’ Denzel Dumfries, Mimphis Depy and Daley Blind

Ques- Is USA eliminated from FIFA 22 ?

Ans- Yes.

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