Dispute over the forest love band In FIFA World Cup 2022

In the first match of FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar had to face defeat from Ecuador with 0-2 goals. On the other hand, there is a dispute over the forest love band in FIFA World Cup 2022. Germany captain has opposed for it openly. Doha: FIFA World Cup 2022 has been launched in host Country Qatar. In Qatar the rules are quite strictly.

One of them is forest love, which is being opposed. Germany captain and goalkeeper Manual will oppose the officially ‘Armband‘ for FIFA captains in the World Cup matches. In this campaign run for FIFA captains, only a few selected ‘Slogan’ will be allowed to wear ‘Armband’ (wear-wear strip).

The Captains of seven European countries – England, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Denmark–  would not wear “Forest Love band ” armbands in games after FIFA said that players would be shown yellow cards.

Dispute over the forest love band in FIFA World Cup 2022

When asked about opposing this new plan of FIFA in Germany’s training camp, he said, “Yes.” According to the rules of the World Cup, the captain’s ‘Armband’ should be authorized by FIFA and the top institution of football But Nuer said that he will wear ‘Armband’ of ‘One Love’ design, even if it is fined for them.

Qatar, How to handle 12 million! Officials returned thousands of fans from a ‘Kestut’ (concert ‘) who celebrate the World Cup starting in Qatar. This reveals further challenges in Doha that in the biggest tournament of FIFA, he takes up with the crowd of people. There is hope to reach 12 lakh football lovers for football supermirs in such a small country.

Disappointed fans removed thousands of people from the pitters of the Bullhorns and traffic to the big ‘foam’ fingers, bullhorn and traffic control outside the event site. Qatar has banned the sale of beer from the tournament stadium, so that ‘Fan Jones’ will be the area related to FIFA, where the ‘alcohol’ will be served, so that more and more fans will be gathered at these places. A 35-year-old truck driver reached here from California said, “We know that the police who say here is. We are sad to return because it is very quick. We can not do anything. ‘FIFA World Cup: Bikini, beer and sex … deep guard on the fever of FIFA.

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