Qualified Teams Round 16-FIFA World Cup 2022 Standings

All of us know very well that the Biggest tournament of Football was started from 20 November. And it will end at 18 December. In this tournament total 32 nations are participating , which are divided in to 8 Groups of teams named as A,B,C,D,E,F,G & H. In this Article we should see that Qualified Teams Round 16-FIFA World Cup 2022 Standings .

Each group contains 4 Countries which are playing with each -other and finally there will be total 16 winner teams , which will participate in the next level of tournament that is also called Round – 16.

Qualified Teams Round 16-FIFA World Cup 2022 Standings

In following table the nations which are qualified for Round-16 are given below. This is A Complete list of round -16 . For latest update of all group matches CLICK HERE.

15.South KoreaH31114440
Qualified teams for round 16 -FIFA World Cup 2022 Standings.

Qualified Teams for Round 16-FIFA World Cup 2022 Standings- FAQ

  • Ques– How does the round of 16 work on World Cup 2022 ?
    • Ans– In FIFA World Cup 2022 total 32 teams were participated which are divided in to 8 groups. Each group had 4 teams. From all teams two teams are qualified for Round-16.
  • Ques– How many teams will qualify for Round of 16 ?
    • Ans– 16. (Please see the answer of above question)
  • Ques– Did Germany qualify for round of 16 ?
    • Ans– No, Germany was out of game.
  • Ques– Which teams are Out of FIFA World Cup 2022 ?
    • Ans– The following teams are out of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
      • Ecuador
      • Qatar
      • Iran
      • Wales
      • Mexico
      • Saudi Arabia
      • Tunisia
      • Denmark
      • Germany
      • Costa Rica
      • Belgium
      • Canada
      • Cameroon
      • Serbia
      • Ghana
      • South Korea
  • Ques– Who is favored to win the World Cup ?
    • Ans– Brazil , France, Argentina, Spain, England are the top five favorites.
  • Ques– who has the most points in World Cup 2022 ?
    • Ans– Top goal – scorers of FIFA World Cup 2022 : Race for the golden boot – Kylian Mbappe, Enner Valencia, Cody Gakpo, Alvaro Morata & Marcus Rashford are the joint top scorer.
  • Ques– Are the Germany out of the World Cup 2022 ?
    • Ans– yes, Germany is out of the World Cup 2022.
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