What is BOMB Cyclone ?  or Bombogene-sis

Bombogenesis is a storm (low pressure area) that undergoes rapid strengthening.  

The vast majority of such storms occur over the ocean   

The storm can be tropical or non-tropical in nature.    

The term bombogenesis comes from the merging of two words: bomb and cyclogenesis.  

All storms are cyclones, and genesis means the creation or beginning. 

In this case, bomb refers to explosive development. Altogether the term means explosive storm strengthening. 

 A cyclone (non-tropical storm or hurricane) is essentially a giant rising column of air that spins counterclockwise over the Northern Hemisphere. 

 Storms that undergo bombogenesis are among the most violent weather systems that affect a broad area 

The western North Atlantic is one favored area for storms to undergo bombogenesis. 

This is a region where cold air from North America collides with warm air over the Atlantic Ocean.